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*If there is no input for more than 5 minutes, it goes to the main screen for another reservation.

Consent to use of advance reservation


1.Purpose of collection / use of personal information: Advance reservation for visa center visit

2.Items of personal information to be collected: name, mobile phone number

3.Period of retention and use of personal information: 14 day

4.The right to refuse consent, and disadvantage due to refusal, if there is one:  you may refuse to consent, and you cannot make a reservation to visit the visa center upon refusal.


Do you want to be notified by application Push message / SMS / LMS for guidance on advance reservation?

You can refuse to apply for the notification service, and you can still make a reservation upon refusal.

Advance reservation application notice

Hanoi Visa Center provides online advance reservation program to reduce the queuing time of the visa applicants. Applicants are encouraged to use this system to inorder to reduce queuing time upon arrival of the visa center. 

Application on Saturday and Tuesday/Thursday evening can only be made for applicants who have made an advance reservation online.

Applicants can reduce queuing time by preparing the application for in advance. Applicants who wish the prepare the application form at the visa center must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the intended reservation time.
* Application forms can be download at visa center website > 'visa application form'
* Required documents are notified at visa center website > 경로 입력

Applicants who arrive past the intended reserved time are considered as walk-in guests and are required to take a queuing number.

Online advance reservation is available until 1 business day prior to the intended reservation time.
(eg. advance reservation for April 15 will only be available until April 14).

Advance reservation is available only within 2 month from the date the reservation is made.
When register online you will not be able to change your information and cancel your appointment. So please note when registering to avoid confusion.

Upon visiting the visa center with an advance reservation, applicants are required to print the reservation sheet. Once the reservation sheet is printed, reservation time cannot be changed.

Only 1 reservation is available per applicant. In case of duplicated reservation, both reservation may be cancelled.

Available reservation per sessions are limited, and only 1 reservation is available per applicant.