Center Introduction

Introduction of the Visa Application Center

Korea Visa Application Center is an organization for providing services related to visas upon approval from the embassy and consulate according to the law of The Republic of Korea. It is not a sub-organization of the embassy or consulate of Korea.

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Major tasks

(1) Receive visa application documents of applicants on behalf of the embassy and consulate 
(2) Enter and manage basic and additional information related to the visa application
(3) Provide services for submitting related resources (passport, visa, and other documents) to the embassy and consulate on behalf of visa applicants
(4) Inform appplicants via SMS and hotline, the confirmation of applicating process and ready status for passport distribution after assessment 
(5) Receive payment of visa application fees on behalf of the embassy and distribute the passport back to the applicant
(6) Notify visa-related information and provide services for responding to inquiries via official website, information desk, telephone, and e-mail.
(7) Provide other neccessary services required by visa applicants 

Advantages of the Visa Application Center Service

 - Internet Service : Information on various visa types and visa application procedures are specified on the official website, including online Q&A, and inquiry of visa application proceedings. 

 - Customer Service : An adequate number of counters are provided for the convenience of visa applicants, and additional staff will serve applicants and guide them through the process in the waiting area in addition to various consultation required by the applicants. Additional information such as  Korea travel information, and various visa application related services will also be available. In addition, counters for special services are available such as travel agency, the handicapped, and VIP guests. A seperate working area is also available for staffs of designated travel agencies. In the meeting room, also located within the visa center, prescheduled meetings will be held for travel agencies to provide and update various visa related information.  

 - Reduction of Queuing Time : In order to provide high quality service to the applicants, a number dispenser is installed within the visa application center to reduce queuing time.

 - Monitoring the service quality : All the services in the visa application service are monitored in real time, supporting appropriate services and responding to urgent cases.

Operating Company of the Visa Application Center

Operating company of Korea Visa Application Center in Manila is Hanatour Philippines.
Hanatour Philippines strictly follows the local laws and regulations in regards to the operation of Korea Visa Application Center.