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1.Purpose of collection / use of personal information: Advance reservation for visa center visit

2.Items of personal information to be collected: name, mobile phone number

3.Period of retention and use of personal information: 14 day

4.The right to refuse consent, and disadvantage due to refusal, if there is one:  you may refuse to consent, and you cannot make a reservation to visit the visa center upon refusal.


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Advance reservation application notice

AS WE WELCOME WALK-IN APPLICANTS IN KVAC, Korea Visa Application Center’s online reservation program helps reduce queuing time for visa applicants.  As such, we encourage applicants to use this method in order to lessen the waiting time especially for those coming from distant areas. 

Applicants may reserve at least a day before their preferred application date. Please note that online reservation schedule time slot is only from 10 AM- 11 AM and 14:00 PM- 16:00 PM  every Mondays - Fridays except declared holidays. (Walk -ins: available from 9 AM - 4 PM)

**To all applicants applying for visas related to Korean Spouses along with Marriage Visa. Please note that it is unnecessary to reserve appointments in advance since Designated Counters are assigned for you. 

**The maximum number of visa applicants that our website is accepting for online reservation is up to 3.

With applicants bringing 4 and above applications, please send us an email at and attach  YOUR CONFIRMED RESERVATION so we can take note of the number of applications on your reservation. 

SUBJECT: [(Reserved Application Date): Online Reservation for (number of pax) pax)]

ex: [July 6, 2024): Online Reservation for 10 pax)]

**Please be informed that a Privacy Consent Form is implemented for all visa applications submitted at the Korea Visa Application Center, effective June 3 2024.

Please see details of the Privacy Consent Form in the link:

Reminders to all applicants making online reservation: 

  1. Please expect slight delays as visa consultations might take longer especially for applicants bringing numerous applications.

  1. Advance online reservation is available only from 2 months of the date of reservation. 

  1. Please note that you are unable to change information once your online reservation has been registered. Please double check all information before confirming your reservation slot.

  1. Only one reservation is allowed per group/applicant. In case of duplicated reservation, both reservations may be canceled.

  1. Applicants with an advance reservation are required to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the confirmed reservation time. *If you have missed your reservation,  you will have to either make another reservation on the next available date or apply through our walk-in process*

* Please bring the following upon application:

1) A screenshot or printed copy of the confirmed reservation found on the Korea Visa Application Center reservation homepage and acknowledgement email from us for applicants bringing more than 3 applications

2) A valid ID

Waiting time may be reduced by:

* Preparing all documents according to the requirement list  given by the Korean Embassy. Please refer on the link for the list of visa requirements depending on the applicable category

* Preparing completed Application Form (type-written, application forms can be downloaded at visa center

*We recommend applicant to submit application 2 months prior to your trip.

*Please make sure that you do not have an upcoming trip within the entire visa processing days because once submitted, withdrawal/ pulling out of passport is not allowed.

**Please note that visa issuance and entry details (single/multiple entry) is subject to the review and discretion of the Consul-in-charge. Single entry is only valid for 3 months. We encourage you to apply 2-3 months prior to your intended travel date.