Detailed Notice on Opening of Korea Visa Application Center(KVAC) and Application of Korean Visa

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Detailed Notice on Opening of Korea Visa Application Center(KVAC) and Application of Korean Visa

  The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines announces the following details on the opening of the Korea Visa Application Center(KVAC) and application of Korean visa through KVAC.

□ Application of Visa

 ○ KVAC will accept and release all visa applications. 

   - In the case of spouse visas, interviews or Korean tests will be conducted at the embassy only after submitting the visa applications at KVAC.

   - However, visa application for diplomatic passport holders, official passport holders, and for those who require a visa urgently within one to two days due to clear humanitarian reasons will be exceptionally accepted at the embassy.

 ○ Visa Application Schedule of KVAC

   - Pilot operation period : August 14 - 25, 2023

       ※ Only applications with online reservation will be accepted. KVAC application fee is waived.

   - Start of official operation : August 29, 2023

      ※ Application without online reservations will be accepted. KVAC application fee is required.

 ○ Visa Application Processing Period

   - Regular visa processing will take 5 working days. However, in case high volume of applications is received, processing period may be extended accordingly.

       ※ KVAC will provide a free SMS notification when visa application result is available

 ○ Designated Travel Agencies for Visa Application

   - Visa applications will be accepted only if filed in person or through one of our designated travel agencies.

   - However, in case of group applications for a family trip or business trip, one of the applicants may submit all applications as a representative.


□ KVAC Overview

 ○ Official Name

   - Korea Visa Application Center in Manila

 ○ Address

   - 9F~10F, Brittany Hotel BGC, 6 Mckinley Pkwy, BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila

 ○ Opening date : August 14, 2023

 ○ Opening hours : 9:00AM~5:00PM

 ○ Website and Contact Number

   -Website : Telephone Number : 02-8248-5440

□ KVAC Fees and Services

 ○ Visa application fee for KVAC

    -  From August 29, 2023, when submitting visa applications at KVAC, application fee of PHP 900(tentative) for each application must be paid regardless of the visa type.

       ※ Exact fee will be announced in a separate notice once confirmed

 ○ Visa assistance services

   - "Service Center" menu on the KVAC website provides one-on-one online consultations, Q&A, and various announcements.

 ○ Visa reception counters

   - There is a total of 28 counters, which includes 20 reception counters, 4 release counters, and 4 payment counters. Thus, waiting time for submission of visa application is shortened.

 ○ SMS service for visa application update 

   - Free SMS text message notification will be sent to the applicant when the visa application is received, and once the visa application screening is completed.

 ○ Wide waiting rooms and facilities

   - The 308㎡ waiting space has an information desk, kiosks, computers, photocopiers, writing desks, nursing rooms, and a space for cultural exhibits for a convenient and pleasant waiting time.

 ○ Transportation and other facilities

   - Parking space is available in the KVAC building and SM AURA building. Public transportation is convenient.

    - There are government offices such as PSA and Immigration Office in the building located next to KVAC. Thus, different transactions may be processed at once.